Dribbble Shots from Gregbo
Illustrations for a collectible role-playing (RPG) card game.
Dribbble Shots
Miscellaneous "Shots" of illustrations posted on Dribbble
These are miscellaneous "sneak-peek" styles images posted by Gregbo on Dribbble. In some cases, I'm contractually obligated to not post Full Final Illustrated work online (for obvious reasons), so these teaser images (called shots) allow me to still be able to showcase work I'm doing.
 Caleb Grimm
Caleb's Victim
Cemetery of Smiles - Creepo the Clown
Cemetery of Smiles - Zombie Uprising
Cemetery of Smiles - Juggler
Evil Toys - Jack in the Box
Evil Toys - Little Princess
Evil Toys - Dolly
Evil Toys - Marionette
Evil Toys - Ripper Rabbit
Evil Toys - Scare Bear
Simon Sneed
Evil Toys - Building Snow White
Spidini the Great
Voodoo Princess
Watery Grave - Jenny Greenteeth
Humpty's Wall
Tweedles - Together Forever
The Mummy
Bad Seed - "Mommy's Little Angel" Gone Wrong
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